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Harvest Moon Fan Made the Ultimate Anniversary Present


Harvest Moon Fan Made the Ultimate Anniversary Present

Guaranteed to make you jealous!

Harvest Moon is known for two things: farming and family. You tend your farm and raise a family; it’s been the core tenants of the series for almost 20 years now. Thanks to Harvest Moon, a simple blue feather has taken on a different meaning entirely. A major part of the courtship process is handing the Blue Feather.

The feather acts as an engagement ring due to its rarity, dropping from a rare, exotic blue bird. It’s clearly as resonate and memorable as a marriage proposal, so one clever husband recently made the Blue Feather a reality.

Harvest Moon 1

The Blue Feather ring wasn’t for marriage, but a 5th anniversary present for his Harvest Moon-loving, life-long partner. How the couple met makes this gift every bit more special. A fan forum called “Harvest Moon Meadow” became an internet watering hole for the couple as preteens.

Both were 12-year olds discussing and loving Harvest Moon 64 at the time. Eventually, years went by, countless AIM messages sent, and a cross-country flight to meet in person led to love. That love cemented in 2010 as they tied the knot. Five years later, the husband went to Jewelry Maker Alex Artinian.

Harvest Moon 3

On Imgur, the husband posted the ring from concept to the finished state. Clearly a custom job, Artinian came in with sketches of a feather ring covered in sapphires. Artinian ended up using 30 half-carat sapphires and two pieces of white gold for the ring. The husband remarks “Each hole had to be drilled individually, [sic] it was a lot of work.”

He was so impressed with the quality of the ring he recommends Artinian as a great source for custom jewelry. “Once again, Alex did an amazing job on this piece. If you’re ever looking for custom jewelry, made by a very passionate and talented artist, I can’t recommend him enough!” Artinian’s site is linked here.

Finally, the finished Blue Feather ring on the hand of the lucky wife:

Harvest Moon 5

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