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Halo 5: Guardians – How to Get All Special Weapons


Halo 5: Guardians – How to Get All Special Weapons

Loathsome Thing

Re-Skinned Scattershot, Located in Mission 1: Osiris

This particular Halo 5 special weapon is actually really easy to find (quite possibly the easiest). Play through Osiris as you normally would and when you get up to the cave-like area where the Kraken first appears, simply walk towards it. Near what appears to be a small crashed vehicle is a ledge. Look over the ledge to see the Loathsome Thing sitting there just waiting to be collected.

Blaze of Glory

Re-Skinned Shotgun, Located in Mission 2: Blue Team

Start off Blue Team and continue until you have to take the first elevator down. You’ll know you’re in the correct place because you will exit in front of a bridge with a lone shotgun leaning on some crates and a grate you need to shoulder charge through right across from you. Charge through the grate and you’ll crash down into an area full of enemies. Clear the area and proceed. You’ll be directed into a passageway leading into the next area for the mission to proceed. Instead of following immediately, take a right and jump up onto the platforms. Make your way up and you’ll find the Blaze of Glory sitting on a ledge.


Talon of the Lost

Re-Skinned Needler, Located in Mission 7: Reunion

Right after you encounter the covenant for the first time, head to the right of the area you’re in where you’ll be able to climb some rocks. Keep following and working your way up until you approach some fuel rods, then head right. Continue on and you’ll see a gun cabinet that lets you know you’re heading in the right direction. Pass the cabinet and drop down then look immediately to your left to locate the Talon of the Lost.

Light of Urs

Re-Skinned Fuel Rod Cannon, Located in Mission 13: Genesis

During Genesis, you will get into a tank as you make your way through the mission. Eventually, you’ll stumble across a bridge where a Guardian will appear. Make your way around to the other side (beware of the abundance of enemies you’ll encounter). Once on the other side, face out to the horizon with the bridge on your left and walk into a gap in the rocks. This will lead you to a small area at the edge of a cliff where the Light of Urs will be sitting to your right. It is next to a data file that you must pick up first, after which you can claim your Halo 5 special weapon.

The Answer

Re-Skinned Saw, Located in Mission 13: Genesis

Continue on in the Scorpion tank after collecting the Light of Urs. You’ll eventually stumble across the Warden who you must fight (it’s an easy encounter, seeing as how you’re in a tank). After this, you’ll have to get out and walk for a bit. You’ll approach a bridge where you’ll have to fight two more wardens. To the left of this bridge is a weapons cache and you’ll find The Answer sitting on top of a case.

Didact’s Signet

Re-Skinned Scattershot, Located in Mission 14: The Breaking

This Legendary Weapon is a more accurate version of the Scattershot that sports a leaner look with its blue and gold illuminated accents. To find this weapon, simply start Mission 14: The Breaking then proceed as normal up until you take an elevator. Clear the platform you find yourself on of all the annoying little enemies. There will be some ramps and structures nearby you can jump on. On top of them is the Didact’s Signet. Pick it up and let loose on Halo 5’s enemies.

Be sure to check back in as we update this list with more awesome special weapons that you can find in Halo 5: Guardians’ campaign.

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