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Far Cry Primal Stars the Voice of Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen


Far Cry Primal Stars the Voice of Deus Ex’s Adam Jensen

Insert ‘didn’t ask for this’ joke.

The world is abuzz with Far Cry Primal, the newly announced Ubisoft game that’s thrusting the popular survival series into the Stone Age. Details are limited, but we do know that the game’s lead hunter, Takkar, will be played by Deus Ex’s Elias Toufexis.

Toufexis has played a number of characters over the years, but popularly lends Adam Jensen his characteristic grit in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the upcoming sequel, Mankind Divided. He shared the news of his Far Cry Primal role on his Twitter account earlier today, not confirming whether or not he had asked for this.

If you’re thirsty for more Primal news, you can dive into the beautiful and chaotic world with newly released screenshots and concept art. Additionally, Amazon pre-orders for Far Cry Primal have opened, revealing the official box art and a Legend of the Mammoth Mission Pack pre-order bonus.

Ubisoft’s official announcement followed a lengthy stream teaser, which challenged the very concept of patience and ultimately saw the game accidentally leaked before the reveal could take place.

Far Cry Primal is set to release Feb 23, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the PC version slated for March.

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