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Destiny TTK: King’s Fall Hard Mode Release Date Announced


Destiny TTK: King’s Fall Hard Mode Release Date Announced

I’m not worthy.

During this week’s Bungie Weekly Update, Community Manager DeeJ announced the release date for the Hard Mode difficulty setting for the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny: The Taken King.

The scheduled release is Friday, October 23rd at 10 AM Pacific time.

In the Bungie Weekly Update, DeeJ details how the Hard Mode option was originally scheduled for October 30th but Bungie’s Raid Team decided it was ready sooner.

Recommended Light Level for the new difficulty is around 300 to 320. Meaning this raid is serious business. Of course with a higher difficulty, there will be higher rewards to be had in Oryx’s domain. The King’s Fall raid on Hard Mode will now drop items that will be between 310-320 Light — making this new difficulty extremely lucrative.

Hard Modes in Destiny require new strategies for boss encounters. Generally speaking, these fights will be extremely difficult for any Fireteam that’s lacking in cooperation.

trials of osiris

Also noted in Bungie’s Weekly Update is the postponement of Trials of Osiris. This is due to a bug that players can exploit for easy kills in the Crucible. Once it gets fixed, Bungie will release the timetable for the return of Trials of Osiris.

So what do you guys think? Will you be gathering up your Fireteam on the 23rd to face the beefed-up Oryx? What light level is your Guardian at currently? Let us know in the comments!

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