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Destiny TTK: Trials of Osiris Makes a Brutal Comeback


Destiny TTK: Trials of Osiris Makes a Brutal Comeback

Brother Vance will eat your tears now.

In Bungie’s Weekly Update, Community Manager DeeJ outlined a few changes coming to the already difficult Trials of Osiris gamemode.

Trials of Osiris is a gamemode that made it’s introduction in Destiny during it’s second expansion, Destiny: House of Wolves.

The mode revolves around stressful, single elimination 3v3 Deathmatch on small maps. Every time you win, you gain increasing chances at Legendary gear. At nine wins, and zero losses players can visit the planet Mercury for a even better chance of extra rare loot.

Senior Designer Derek Carroll spilled the beans regarding on the changes that will make the Trials of Osiris even harder. First of all, in the update, it’s stated that rewards will now be awarded directly after a match ends. No longer will you have to fly to the Reef to talk to Brother Vance to collect your hard earned loot.

By far the most striking change has to be squaring off against other Fireteams with similar win/loss ratios. This means players with eight wins will square off against other teams with eight wins, meaning that one of those teams will end up heartbroken.

Brother Vance will also now offer up Trials of Osiris bounties during the weekend — allowing players a chance to get their hands on exclusive gear even without hardcore commitment.

How do you feel about these changes, will you feel the pressure at eight wins? Are you prepared to enter the even more ruthless version of Trials of Osiris? Do you like the changes in Destiny: The Taken King? Let us know in the comments!

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