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Before Halo 5, Master Chief Catches a Football Game


Before Halo 5, Master Chief Catches a Football Game

Which team was he voting for, though?

In Halo 5, the Master Chief is on the run. The mark-2 Spartan supersoldier has saved the human race plenty of times over, and sometimes, you just need a break. And if there’s anyone who deserves a break, it’s him. So he decided to take a breather from everything and just watch the Atlanta Falcons v. New Orleans Saints game earlier this week in secret, where no one could notice–

…Okay, maybe not. Apparently the Master Chief can stop alien warlords from wiping out humanity, but not come up with a decent disguise. Go figure. Hopefully when he goes on the run during the campaign of Halo 5, he’s brushed up on his incognito work. Maybe that’s why he’s on the lamb, he’s so tired of dealing with everyone’s crap and just wants to catch the rest of the football season.

Halo 5: Guardians comes to the Xbox One on the 27th, just a week and a half away.

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