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AC Syndicate: The Darkest Hour Secret Mission Guide


AC Syndicate: The Darkest Hour Secret Mission Guide

Dark times have fallen upon London.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has a ton of missions. So many in fact that they decided to hide a bunch in another time period. As you progress through the game, you will unlock a rift that appears on The Thames at its eastern edge. Enter this rift and you will be transported to London in the year 1916.

At this point, players will take control of a new protagonist, Lydia Frye. She is the granddaughter of Jacob and also an Assassin. The Darkest Hour begins with Lydia infiltrating a house to take out some spies. Simply walk up the stairs and turn the generator off to lure an enemy. After that, head down and kill whoever remains (should be rather easy) then head for the radio device in the room and enjoy the cutscene.

It turns out that you and Winston Churchill are after the same thing, so you form an alliance. You will have to find the second device by gathering information from three guarded officers. This is where your first optional objective comes into play. You need to steal the information from the specially marked guards without killing them.

This can be difficult since they are heavily guarded, but there is nothing saying you can’t be spotted. Simply pick off all of the guards you can kill one by one and then run away. Return when the officer is alone, sneak up, and then pick his pockets. This may take some time, and you must be careful when countering and using your quick action tools or else you run the risk of killing the one person you don’t want to kill.

There is no time limit, so just take your time and you’ll need to do this three times. One of the three, though, is easy to take care of since they are surrounded by a crowd of angry civilians. For this one, you can simply walk up and pick the pocket without a single worry.


Once you get all of the information you will be instructed to head to the North Tower where you have to kill four spies. You can take care of them however you see fit the use the radio. This will trigger the last part of the mission. Head down to the AA Gun and take out some planes.

When they make a diving run at you just take cover, you will take zero damage so it isn’t worth playing a game of chicken with them (you will lose). Lead your shots and you’ll be victorious.

After a couple of waves, some soldiers will board the boat you’re on, simply murder their faces and return to the AA Gun. Destroy the last few waves of fighters.

You’ll enjoy some congratulations from Mr. Churchill and be recruited for some more help. Welcome to WWI.

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