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7 Million Accounts Have Been Created in Guild Wars 2 Since Launch


7 Million Accounts Have Been Created in Guild Wars 2 Since Launch

A hell of a lot of accounts. has released an infographic which revealed that since its release, more than 7 million accounts have been created in Guild Wars 2. This news releases on this, the day that Guild Wars 2 is getting its first expansion pack called Heart of Thorns.

These accounts include those that were created following the game’s release in China last year, as well as when the game went free-to-play last August. Speaking of free-to-play, according to the infographic, 40% of the game’s level 80 players went to the starter zone to welcome newcomers.


While seven million accounts sounds impressive, it should be noted that this figure includes accounts that aren’t being played. As the head of global marketing Steve Fowler said to IGN: “We tend to see a tremendous amount of people who may not play for two, three, six months but then there’s a living world release or feature pack update, or even the expansion announcement that causes them to log back in again.”  He also said that, “So we don’t have the same sort of indicators when we’re looking at lapsed and recurring players because for whatever reason it might be we’re still on the desktop and they double-click, patch and then they’re in the game despite having not played in the last six months.”

The first expansion for Heart of Thorns is now available and, so far, no problems have been reported. The expansion adds a ton of new features including Elite Specializations, a Mastery System, and raids. also recently announced that Guild Wars 2 was getting into eSports with its new Pro League.

What do you think of the news that Guild Wars 2 has over 7 million accounts? Let us know in the comments below.

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