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Today Is the Last Day to Get Your Destiny Year One Emblem


Today Is the Last Day to Get Your Destiny Year One Emblem

If you’re trying to pull off a last ditch Skolas win, read up.

PSA to all to all Destiny fans: today is the last day to claim your Destiny Year One Emblem, Laurea Prima, from the Moments of Triumph before The Taken King releases tomorrow Sept. 14 at 5AM EST. If you’ve been slacking on finding those gold chests, grinding out those public events or any other Moments of Triumph, you best get to stepping because you’re running out of time.

The hardest Moment of Triumph by far for most will be getting that Prison of Elders 35 Skolas kill. He’s not easy but he is beatable. Might I suggest as a place to find some fireteam members? There will probably be a large mass of other Guardians today also trying to get the Destiny Year One Emblem and the Skolas kill that is eluding them.

As a quick reminder: The key for killing Skolas in time for Destiny Year One is patience. All of the additional enemies (adds) and objectives that he spawns are triggered by his HP. Once you’ve broken his servitor bonds and are onto the tainted light phase, the safest way to advance is to not damage Skolas until you’ve cleared all the adds. Skolas will eventually spawn more, but you’ll never be overwhelmed. Move clockwise around the arena’s edges as Skolas gets too close to comfort, all the while prioritizing the passing of the tainted light. It’s tough but slow and steady definitely wins this race.

If you’re stuck on Skolas use the tips above and check out our in-depth guide on him as well. Nothing else should be particularly challenging, just time consuming. You can check out the full list of Destiny Year One Moments of Triumph here. As long as you have been playing for a good amount of time and can clear the other raid bosses, everything else should be a piece of cake provided you’ve been mixing in some Crucible as well. The Taken King’s Crucible preview is still going as well, so use that as an opportunity to finish up your Crucible wins.

If you’re just starting to work on this stuff today and were the type in school that waited for the last second to do your papers, you might be out of luck. The Taken King releases tomorrow so try and get a head start on Year Two at least, OK?

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