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This Mini Fridge Is Also a Giant, Playable Game Boy


This Mini Fridge Is Also a Giant, Playable Game Boy

The ultimate dorm room appliance.

A mini fridge can’t also be a functional Game Boy, they told you. It’s absurd, they’d say, to play Pokémon on an appliance used to hold six packs and pudding packs. They were wrong. Daniel d’Entremont, a dedicated modder, has made a fully functional mini fridge Game Boy he dubs “The Cold Boy.”

Daniel, also known as Mod Purist, made the screen by cutting a hole in the fridge and mounting a computer monitor. The buttons are made of wood and activate tact switches wired to a USB keyboard. To keep the fridge chilly, he packed loose fiberglass insulation behind the wire channels.

“The Pi is loaded with a 16 GB Class 10 SD card, so its very fast, and it has RetroPie on it, which is an easy distro with emulation station,” Mod Purist shares on his blog, which includes the full work log for the project. “A future project might change this out for something new, but I’m keeping it more or less a secret for now.”

He also says the rig “is so large I found myself basically punching the buttons.”

Mod Purist is now taking commissions for The Cold Boy via his blog page, where you can also check out more of his tech creations, including a wireless NES controller and a Game Boy Color shaped like a Game Boy Advance.

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