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Possible First Footage of Yakuza 6 Released


Possible First Footage of Yakuza 6 Released

Luckily it’s not another remaster.

New footage of the next installment of the Yakuza series, simply titled Yakuza 6, has surfaced the web. Although the video is of poor quality and heavily compressed, the graphics will have you believe that it’s live action, and that’s not overstating things.

The trailer is short, but mighty sweet, and only features one character, with a voice and facial likeness of Takeshi Kitano, a Japanese actor and director. He is especially known for his movies depicting the Japanese crime underground, and just generally being a straight up badass.

With no provided subtitles, we’ll have to guess at what he’s saying, and it doesn’t sound like it’s about butterflies or cupcakes. Probably more like something about murder, drugs and violence, but we could be wrong.

Besides from the menacing speech by Kitano, the trailer could also announce that the game will launch on both the Playstation 3 and the current system. Unsurprisingly, with this being the first footage unveiled and the game presumably still being in development, no release date was announced.

Sega itself hasn’t commented on the video, which makes one wonder if it was an accidental leak, or perhaps even a hoax. Until one of the developing parties decides to officially comment on the video, we wont know for sure if it is actually real. It sure does look great though.

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