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Personalize Your New Nintendo 3DS with This Collection of Cover Plates


Personalize Your New Nintendo 3DS with This Collection of Cover Plates

Nintendo 3DS continues to print money.

The smaller, more portable New Nintendo 3DS launched in North America this week, featuring a cover with Animal Crossing’s Isabelle being adorable, as usual. But if Animal Crossing isn’t your style, Nintendo has some options for you. They’ve launched several cover plates for the handheld and you can buy them all now on Nintendo’s online store.

The New Nintendo 3DS does have a lot of unique features like amiibo support and eye-tracking 3D, but the best feature is the swappable cover plates. At any time, you can remove the system’s cover plates and replace them with new ones to give your handheld a custom look.

The Nintendo store is selling 10 3DS cover plates at varying price points. The Legend of Zelda plates are the most expensive at $16.99.


There are plenty of cover plates that will likley be added to the store like the red Xenoblade Chronicles or ink-splattered Splatoon plates. At least now it’s possible to buy them directly through Nintendo instead of importing on Amazon at marked-up prices.

Are there any specific cover plates you’d like to see on Nintendo’s store in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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