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Persona 5 Poster Revealed to Get Us Nice and Hyped


Persona 5 Poster Revealed to Get Us Nice and Hyped

Atlus and Sega appear set to blow the lid off Persona 5.

With the Tokyo Game Show less than a week away, the Internet is beside itself over the confirmation of Persona being in attendance for a stage slot and a Persona 5 promotional poster.

The poster was revealed to coincide with the promotion “Hunt For The Phantom Thieves!” at two stores in Wakayama, Japan from September 17 through 19. We suspect the Phantom Thief might make an appearance at one of the two stores and people are asked to report their findings at one of the stores during the time frame. Additional information about the marketing campaign will be coming early next week. These dates also happen to be the same dates for TGS. Coincidence? We think not!

The poster also doesn’t give away a lot outside of the Persona 5 title and a few images of the Phantom Thieves themselves. However, it has added fuel to the hype fire about the potential release date to be announced for Japan and North America at this time.


As we previously mentioned, the stage show is set to be a huge bash with numerous events going on and with the marketing campaign going on as well, Atlus and Sega appear to be set to blow the roof off the place.

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