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Persona 5 Director Explains Game’s Delay, Wants to Focus on Fan Expectations


Persona 5 Director Explains Game’s Delay, Wants to Focus on Fan Expectations

He’s kissing our booboos and making us feel better.

Persona 5’s TGS 2015 trailer caused an echoing cry throughout the world. While it was a fantastic showcase of an anticipated title, it also revealed that the game has been delayed until “Summer 2016.” Today, Persona 5’s Chief Director Katsura Hashino has expressed an apologetic message for the delay, as well as an explanation.

It appears they really want to put the players first and appease fan expectations. As such, they’re making sure that the gameplay is as fine-tuned as possible. Everything else is already in line and he goes on to say that everything is going smoothly, as well. As Persona 5 is being created for the newest wave of consoles, they’re definitely packing it to the brim with content. Most of all, Hashino really wanted to showcase the unknown of gameplay aspect of “stealing hearts” within the TGS trailer. It’s the main part of the story and while the game is delayed, we now know at least that. He ended the video hoping everybody enjoyed the trailer and apologizing for the delay.

What do you think of this message? Is it a refreshing change of pace to see a developer explain exactly why a game is delayed and apologize for it? Are you even more excited now for Persona 5 knowing that they’re taking strides to make it the best it can be? Let us know in the comments below!

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