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Persona 5 Delayed to Summer 2016


Persona 5 Delayed to Summer 2016

Why, Atlus? Why? I trusted you.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Persona 5 was actually the very first title showcased during the first Atlus stream at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. They brought us a new trailer featuring the game’s protagonist in handcuffs, as well as even more gameplay footage and beautiful in-game animations.

We also got a glimpse of some of the game’s enemies, including a huge gluttonous looking monster that was engaged in battle with our protagonists. From the looks of the trailer, it also looks like our protagonist will spend time inside a jail cell where he can do things like practice kung fu and other fighting styles. Yeah. It’s a little weird.

Finally, at the end of the trailer, we were finally given a release window. Persona 5 has been delayed to summer 2016. I know. We were all expecting it. But still.

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