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No More Total War: Arena Accounts Are Getting Wiped


No More Total War: Arena Accounts Are Getting Wiped

Creative Assembly promised to stop wiping out Total War: Arena accounts.

Great news today for those of you playing the Total War: Arena Closed Alpha, because Creative Assembly’s announced just a short while ago that they won’t be resetting anymore accounts.

On the Total War: Arena official website, the developers explained they are now “confident enough in our infrastructure and tools that we can make this announcement.” Creative Assembly also thanked the players that stuck through all the account resetting because these players gave them “invaluable insights into the game’s progression and balancing”

Besides announcing that they won’t be wiping out anymore accounts, Creative Assembly also revealed that Patch 11 has lowered the game’s system requirements and reduced lag. According to Creative Assembly, this will have the best effect on players playing Total War: Arena on dual core machines like laptops.

They also announced that this patch fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when players tried to launch it, and that they fixed a bug that affected Spear Infantry when they attacked Cavalry.

Total War: Arena entered its Closed Alpha back in November 2014 and players can still sign up to take part on the Total War website.

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