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New Footage of Valve’s VR Portal Demo Looks like Too Much Fun


New Footage of Valve’s VR Portal Demo Looks like Too Much Fun

We missed you, GLaDOS.

A few months ago, videos of Valve’s virtual reality Portal demo for the HTC Vive went live, filmed off a computer screen using a smartphone and without sound. Now, the team down at Node are sharing the full experience for the first time, and it’s definitely an eye-catcher.

Thanks to the direct capture, we finally get to hear all the Portal personality littering the demo, because it’s not quite Portal without an AI voice subtly insulting your sub-par human intellect and calling you a sweaty pile of ham. The demo starts you off as an Aperture robot repair employee. Except you’re not too great at the job, and eventually good ol’ GLaDOS has to step in.

The demo showcases HTC and Valve’s HTC Vive, powered by SteamVR. The set used in the demo is only a developer kit, and the full version will include a different headset and controls.

The blue grids that show up in the demo are actually warnings that the player is approaching an obstacle. Small, front-facing cameras on the Vive configure your room and track your space, alerting you to any walls, tables, or wandering house pets in your way.

Does the Valve demo get you hyped for VR? Let us know what you think of the Portal footage in the comments below.

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