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League of Legends YouTuber Dunkey Has Been Banned for Toxic Behavior


League of Legends YouTuber Dunkey Has Been Banned for Toxic Behavior

Riot Games will be releasing a Intentional Feeder Detection system in the upcoming 5.18 patch.

The prominent League of Legends Youtuber Dunkey was recently banned from the game for what Riot Games called “toxic behavior.” According to a video released by Dunkey over the weekend, he was banned after he told an intentionally feeding Malphite player that they were a pile of trash who needed to be killed. You can check out what he said in the video below.

In the same video, Dunkey stated that League of Legends is actually a very boring game that doesn’t reward players skill and is only fun when your trash talking other players. He also said that he tried to get himself unbanned so he could make one more video and Riot Games refused despite all the free advertising he had done for them over the last four years.

Over on Ask.FM Riot Games Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Lin addressed Dunkey’s ban and said:

“It’s really unfortunate. Many Rioters love Dunkey’s content, and I’ve unloaded my share of “Not even close babyyyyy” jokes around the office; however, we really can’t show favoritism to someone just because they are a pro or a known content creator.”

He also addressed intentional feeding where he said that Riot Games will be launching a new “Intentional Feeder Detection system” in the upcoming 5.18 patch which will ban feeders within 15 minutes of matches. Also, you won’t have to worry about being banned for feeding just because you had a bad day because according to Lin the system will start with “conservative settings to make sure the system would not ban players for having the rare bad game, even if it was a 0-10 type of bad game.”

So do you think that Dunkey should have been banned for what he said? Let us know in the comments below.

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