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MGS V: The Phantom Pain – How to Get Diamond Dog (D-Dog)


MGS V: The Phantom Pain – How to Get Diamond Dog (D-Dog)

It’s a cute little puppy…that will end you.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out and it’s brought along a few friends. While out in the world, players will be able to bring a buddy with them that will help in field operations. Whether it’s for scouting or offense, they are invaluable assets that should be capitalized on whenever possible. Of course, players will have to collect them first.

One of the buddies is actually pretty easy to miss, and that is the adorable Diamond Dog. Not only is he man’s best friend, but he is also an amazing soldier that brings his own perks to the battlefield, such as his ability to mark all living things in his area (within a reasonable distance of course). To acquire this little fella, you’re going to have to pay attention during a specific mission.

During the Main Op “Over the Fence,” don’t run off once you get off of the helicopter at the beginning of the mission. Instead, look around and you will notice a small puppy laying on the ground. This dog may not look like much, but it will eventually grow to be the Diamond Dog that everyone fell in love with from the trailers. Use the Fulton Recovery System on him, and send him back to Mother Base so that he can survive and grow.

There is a small chance that Diamond Dog (in pup form) won’t be there, if this happens don’t you fret. He will appear in any Op shortly after or right before to give you another chance. Just listen for a high pitch bark when you hop off of the helicopeter (Kaz will also contact you) and pick him up.

That small act of kindness will net you one of the most loyal soldiers in the game for use in missions. The Main Op that nets you this little guy is pretty early in the game, so make sure not to miss him.

There you have it, D-Dog is now counted among the ranks of the Diamond Dogs militia.

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