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How the Destiny 2.0 Patch Affects Your Exotic Weapons and Armor


How the Destiny 2.0 Patch Affects Your Exotic Weapons and Armor

In case you forgot or didn’t see the summer patch notes.

If you’ve been keeping up with Destiny news for the past few months, then you probably already know all about the weapon tuning 2.0 Patch changes. We received patch notes about them from Bungie when the changes were being planned as well as we received the Bungie Weekly update yesterday to remind us of everything.

If you’re anything like me, then Bungie is totally on the mark with thinking that we may need reminders about these 2.0 Patch changes now that they have officially taken effect. However if you’re anything like me, you might also feel that reading 2.0 Patch notes can be overwhelming. There’s so much information in there in such a long block that it can be difficult to get through all of it without getting distracted or just giving up and doing something else.

If that’s the case, we totally understand which is why we’ve chosen to specifically highlight the part of the patch notes that talks about changes to exotic weapons for your convenience and time (the legendary black hammer is in there too):

Exotic/Legendary Weapons

Hard Light

  • Base Stability increased to 80
  • Hard Light projectiles now have increased bounce count
  • Hard Light projectiles are now not affected by Damage Falloff
  • Hard Light projectile FX updated so it is easier to track the projectile ricochets 

Suros Regime

  • Stability reduced
  • Added a Range boost to the Focus Fire node on the Talent Grid 


  • Base Stability increased to 60
  • Magazine Size increased
  • Cursebringer perk will now always trigger on a precision kill
  • Cursebringer perk explosion radius increased and deals more damage
  • Rangefinder perk has been replaced by Zen Moment 

The Last Word

  • Range reduced by 10
  • Base Stability reduced by 10
  • Accuracy while in hip fire is increased
  • Precision Damage aim assist while in hip fire is increased
  • Fixed an issue where damage bonuses while in hip fire was not applying correctly 


  • Base Damage of Thorn DoT reduced by 1/3 for both PVE and PVP
  • Thorn DOT now stacks up to 5x over multiple shots
    • This is a net buff, but it is now spread over multiple shots to eliminates the PVP “2-shot walk away.”
  • Thorn DoT damage now correctly reports as poison 


  • Luck in the Chamber and Holding Aces perks now have a stacking limit of 2. Only 2 of the bonus damage perks will ever stack, which should eliminate the Hawkmoon 1-hit PVP kill to an undamaged opponent
  • Holding Aces perk now increases magazine by 2 rounds 


  • Ammo Recharge time increased to 7 seconds between rounds (was 5 seconds) 


  • Reduce damage of Wolfpack Rounds by roughly 1/3 

Black Hammer

  • White Nail perk now fills the magazine from your ammo reserves 

No Land Beyond

  • Fixed an issue where there were overlap/parallax issues in Sights during aim-down-sights view
  • Base Handling increased
  • The Master perk has an increased base precision damage bonus scalar (2.6x -> 3x) 

Lord of Wolves

  • Rally perk now grants +5 Recovery to allies in close proximity 


  • Arc detonation chance for Lightning Rounds kill increased to 50%
  • Magazine size increased to offset ammo stat changes 

Vex Mythoclast

  • Projectile Speed increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes
  • Stability increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes 

Universal Remote

  • Base Range increased by +20 

Monte Carlo

  • Stability increased to compensate for global Auto Rifle Changes
  • Fixed an issue where the Method perk did not only trigger when killing players or combatants. Can no longer trigger when “killing” destroyable objects 

Bad Juju

  • Stability increased to compensate for global Pulse Rifle changes 

Red Death

  • Stability increased to compensate for global Pulse Rifle changes
  • Fixed an issue where Rate of Fire and Impact stats were displayed incorrectly. Stat values were not changed, UI display only 

Plan C

  • Range increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes
  • Stability increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes


Exotic Armor


  • Many pieces of Exotic Armor now recolor when a Shader is applied



An Insurmountable Skullfort

  • Gain a second melee charge for Storm Fist and Sun Strike. (It doesn’t apply to Void melee yet—this is a bug I believe we have fixed in 2.0.1.)



Spine of Young Ahamkara

  • Bonus to Tripmine grenade duration increased
  • Gain a second grenade charge for Tripmine grenade



Heart of Praxic Fire

  • Gain bonus Agility when Radiance is active

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