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Give D-Horse A Makeover With Metal Gear Solid V DLC


Give D-Horse A Makeover With Metal Gear Solid V DLC

Horse Armor is back.

At Tokyo Game Show, Konami announced the first DLC for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It’s a variety of costumes that will allow you to customize Big Boss and his soldiers on Mother Base.

Metal Gear Informer captured some images from the press conference. Big Boss gets his fatigues from Metal Gear Solid 3, a black Sneaking Suit, and a stylish tuxedo.









Female soldiers on Mother Base can be equipped with costumes as well. These outfits are direct references to Metal Gear Solid 3, one being the uniform of The Boss and the other being EVA’s jumpsuit/bikini combination.









While interesting, none of those costumes hold a candle to the final one. Saving the best for last, Konami also unveiled that D-Horse will get two different costumes. One gives D-Horse a fancier saddle and matching head covering, but the other seems to be a full set of armor complete with an armored mohawk.








Konami has taken inspiration from the infamous Horse Armor of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but made an even better set of horse clothing.

The DLC costumes have no release date or pricing yet, but the choice here is obvious. When the horse armor is available for Metal Gear Solid V, buying it is a necessity. D-Horse is a loyal companion who looks fabulous with a mohawk. It’s worth it.

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