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ESPN’s Officially Looking For an eSports Editor


ESPN’s Officially Looking For an eSports Editor

Get those resumes ready!

eSports has become more and more of a thing. Thanks to League of Legends, Call of Duty, and the upcoming Halo 5, gaming is about to be as big as basketball or soccer. So much so that famous sports network ESPN has recognized its value and wants to hire a full time editor specifically for eSports. Here’s their rundown:

“The eSports editor will oversee the daily production of all eSports content. They work directly with writers (including many of ESPN’s biggest names) and partners to assign and edit content in a fast-paced daily environment. They write headlines and evaluate stories for accuracy, fairness and completeness….The General Editor will edit multiple stories on a daily basis. These will include copy and line editing roles, as well as managing an overall style and voice. Along with the daily editing roles, the General Editor will be involved in short and long-term editorial planning, generating story ideas specifically tailored to each individual writer. They will manage a team of staff and freelance writers, creating a diverse budget of expert analysis. In addition, they will work across ESPN, including digital, TV, radio and print groups to fully integrate planning.”

If you’ve got at least five years of experience with media and knowledge of big eSports games like League, Counter Strike, or DOTA 2, go on over and apply. Good luck!


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