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Destiny: Where to Find Collections in the Tower


Destiny: Where to Find Collections in the Tower

Collect ’em all.

In the Twitch live streams that Bungie aired over the past few weeks, it was confirmed that Destiny would be receiving a new system called collections. Accessible from the Tower, collections allow guardians to more efficiently store exotic weapons and armor, ships and sparrows, shaders and emblems, and emotes. Many guardians hailed these new changes, as they would create more room in the vault, which is something players have been demanding for almost a year now.

However, while many players see these changes as being positive, guardians will first need to find where the collections are located in the Tower to be able to make any use of the new feature. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world. It’s probably even easier than figuring out where Xur is every week.

But if you’re new to the whole collections idea and don’t want to waste any time searching for them yourself around the Tower, then you’re in luck. While Destiny’s Bungie Weekly Update from September 8 includes the locations of the collections within the 2.0 Patch notes, we thought it might also help to include some pictures.

Without a visual, you might not even know exactly what is you’re looking for because if you didn’t watch the Twitch live stream, it’s not as intuitive to realize that the collections are blue screens on the wall. First up is the popular and frequently discussed exotic collections:

To get here, go to the Tower, run down the stairs past our friends from the Crucible, and head into the area where the class Vanguards enjoy spending their time with one another. As soon as you enter that portion of the room, turn around to face the way you came and you’ll be looking right at the exotic collections on the left and right of the area opening.

Next up is ship and sparrow collections:

This one is simple. When you get to the Tower, head over to the right and approach the area where the Shipwright resides. The blue collection screens will be right there in front of her.

Then there’s emote collections:


This one is a little harder to find because it’s out of the way, but it’s still easy to get there. If you drop down the stairs near where the Shipwright is and head around the corner down the next couple sets of stairs, you will find yourself in the bar near the jukebox looking at the blue screen for the emotes collection.

Last up is emblems and shaders:

This one is pretty simple too. When you get to the Tower, head over to the left and approach the area where the Guardian Outfitter Eva Levante resides. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, she’s the person that always sells emblems and shaders. The blue collection screens for each will be alongside the back wall right outside her “office.”

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