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Destiny TTK – Hidden Chest Uncovered in Vault of Glass Story Mission


Destiny TTK – Hidden Chest Uncovered in Vault of Glass Story Mission

Be wary, little light.

Minor spoilers ahead for the story mission Paradox.

Recently, a group of brave Guardians from Reddit discovered a secret chest in the Destiny: The Taken King story mission Paradox.

Though, picking up this item could cause a problem in the future of Destiny: The Taken King. One of the rewards you receive from the chest could be a one-use only mission item that could affect a later mission down the road. Now that you’ve been warned — let’s get discover the chest for ourselves.

Near the finale of this Destiny: The Taken King mission, have a third Guardian join up on your already existing Fireteam of two. One Guardian scans the remains with their Ghost while another player waits at the Throne Room of the Vault of Glass (after completing the infamous jumping puzzle). Have the third Guardian join on the Fireteam while the Ghost is scanning the remains. When the first player’s Ghost is scanning the skeleton of Praedyth, everyone should blow themselves up with a rocket — causing a wipe. Soon after, all players will spawn in a new area with a secret chest available to loot.

If you’re looking for a more detailed account, this guide will definitely steer you in the right direction. Again, it’s highly advised that you wait before we know more about the mission in the future — otherwise you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

Could this mission eventually wind up as a Daily Heroic Story — like the infamous Black Spindle? Could be, maybe the secrets of this mysterious chest will be revealed then.

Was your Fireteam successful in discovering this new chest? Were you brave enough to turn in the item? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear of your Destiny: The Taken King adventures!

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