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Pokemon Z’s Legendary Zygarde Will Have New Forms


Pokemon Z’s Legendary Zygarde Will Have New Forms

Could this mean a new Pokemon game is coming soon?

The Pokemon series has a long history of making sequel games that focus on legendary Pokemon that were neglected in the original game, and it looks like gen 6 might be following suit as CoroCoro has revealed that Zygarde is getting some new forms. .

According to CoroCoro via Serebii, these new forms will be based on how much power Zygarde has, starting with a cute little blob called ‘Zygarde Core’. Hey, even Legendary Pokemon can have humble beginnings.

From there, Zygarde Cell will turn into a flat form and from there, Zygarde will turn into its dog form once it reaches 10% of its power. Zygarde will then turn into its snake form that trainers battled in Pokemon X/Y when it reaches 50% of its power. Finally, once it regains all of its power, it will become Zygarde Perfect form, which according to Serebii stands at 4.5m and is stronger than both Xerneas and Yveltal.

It should be noted that neither Serebii or CoroCoro revealed whether trainers will be able to get Zygarde Perfect Form in Pokemon X/Y, so that could mean the Pokemon Company is working on Pokemon Z. It would be the first time that they made a sequel for a neglected legendary.

The idea of Zygarde changing forms as it gains more power may be familiar to fans of Dragon Ball series, since the Dragon Ball villain Cell did something similar and they both share similar color schemes.

Along with revealing Zygarde’s new forms, Serebii also noted that a new Pokemon anime series called Pokémon XY & Z has been announced, as well as a new looking Greninja called “Ash Greninja.”

So what do you think about Zygarde’s newly revealed perfect form? Let us know in the comments below.

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