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Bungie Invites You To The Taken King Crucible Preview Event


Bungie Invites You To The Taken King Crucible Preview Event

All new maps and two new game modes.

In Bungie’s most recent weekly update, it was announced that Destiny players will be given access to a preview of Destiny: The Taken King’s crucible content along with the 2.0 update whether they have pre-ordered The Taken King or not. The year 2 groundwork begins to take effect on September 8th and the Destiny: The Taken King crucible preview event will take place from then until September 14, right before the rest of the new content releases.

In Bungie’s own words from Community Manager Deej:

“…we’re sending you into the Crucible to experience new modes of battle on every brand new map. One thing to note: You won’t have the use of your new Super abilities yet. You’ll have to visit your class Vanguard in The Taken King to earn your new subclass. For now, though, you can and should check out the new slate of maps on offer, and two of the new modes… This is your chance to try before you buy – or download. Think of it as your own personal E3 or gamescom, only it happens at home on your couch.”

Many players have already pre-ordered Destiny: The Taken King and will therefore not receive a large benefit from trying the content before what they paid for is fully available. But it’s a great gesture for those who were on the fence about getting Destiny: The Taken King and maybe just need a little sample to get them hooked and asking for more.

And even for those who already have it preordered, it’ still great to have access to all the new maps and two new crucible modes a whole week early so that we can get used to at least some of the new content before it all rushes at us at once on September 15. See you on the battlefield.

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