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Bloodborne The Old Hunters Producer Reveals Number of Weapons, “We Have Some Very Fun Tricks up Our Sleeve”


Bloodborne The Old Hunters Producer Reveals Number of Weapons, “We Have Some Very Fun Tricks up Our Sleeve”

15 new weapons are coming to Bloodborne this November

If you’re one of the many hunters looking forward to the upcoming The Old Hunters expansion for Bloodborne then you’ll be happy to hear that the executive producer Masaaki Yamagiwa revealed more information about what gamers should expect come the November release.

The Old Hunters will be a three stage long expansion and that the demo shown at TGS was only a “small portion of one of the three new stages,” Masaaki told Gamespot. He also added that they have since tweaked the areas shown so these areas won’t be the same once the expansion is released.

He also noted that much like with the DLC areas in Dark Souls 2, players will first need to reach a certain part in the game before they can access the DLC since The Old Hunters is focused on the nightmare’s that the old hunters are trapped in. That means that difficulty wise, the expansion will be as difficult as the latter parts of the game.

Masaaki also noted that The Old Hunters expansion will include near to 15 new weapons as well as some new suits of armor. Due to fans complaints that many of Bloodborne’s weapons were of the cutting and slashing variety, The Old Hunters will be adding more ranged options such as the bow from the demo. He also noted that some of these new weapons were going to be in the original game but they were cut out because they didn’t have time to tweak them up to the level of the rest of the games weapons.

When asked if there were some secrets still undiscovered in Bloodborne, Masaaki said “Our players are very, very sharp. I’m always impressed with the kinds of things they’re able to figure out and they’re able to discover. But from what I’ve heard from director Miyazaki, there are still some things that they haven’t completely grasped yet.” He also promised that they have “some very fun tricks up our sleeve for the final version of the game.”

The Old Hunter expansion is due out on Nov 24 and there will also be a retail version bundled with the game released in December.

We reviewed Bloodborne back in March and gave it a 5/5, praising everything about the game except it’s extremely long load screens (something that has since been fixed).

So what do you think of the new information revealed for The Old Hunter expansion for Bloodborne? Let us know in the comments below.

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