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Bungie: Black Spindle at 310 is a Bug and Is Getting Nerfed


Bungie: Black Spindle at 310 is a Bug and Is Getting Nerfed


Yesterday the Destiny community was swept up with excitement as a secret exotic appeared in the heroic version of the The Taken King mission Lost to Light. It is Black Spindle and it’s essentially an exotic Year Two version of the classic Crota’s End raid weapon, Black Hammer.

Getting Black Spindle in TTK is no easy task as players have to complete a side objective within Lost to Light that requires high Light Level guardians to successfully complete. You have go off the mission tracker during Lost to Light and board Tanik’s ship as you did in the House of Wolves strike, The Shadow Thief. From there you’ll have 10 minutes to clear the ship of Taken, and there’s A LOT of them. You can enter it solo but in reality, it takes three well coordinated people to take it down sucessfully.

Although it required a lot of effort, many players persisted because Black Spindle dropped at damage 310, way higher than what most exotics currently drop at in The Taken King. Sweet! However Deej, Bungie’s Community Manager has poured water on that excitement via Destiny’s official forums:

Hello, Guardians.

Right this every minute, many of you are acquiring Black Spindle. Surprise!

Wouldn’t you know it, there is a bug that is enabling some of these weapons to drop at 310 – that’s 20 points higher than intended. In the near future, we’ll be releasing an update that will adjust the Black Spindle to match the attack rating for other Year Two Exotics.

It has also come to our attention that you are using this new acquisition to Infuse your other weapons. Good on you. Have fun with that. None of those weapons will be affected by this change – only the Spindle.

WELL so much for that! As dissapointing as that is for many people, there is a silver lining. As Deej mentions in the post, infusions are unaffected so you could infuse the Black Spindle into a special weapon legendary or exotic that you already have. What I did was infuse the 310 Black Spindle into my 290 4th Horseman bringing the shotgun to 304. Then, I repurchased Black Spindle at the exotic weapon kiosk for 2500 glimmer and an Exotic Shard at damage 300. It’s not as good as that 310 obviously, but it’s better than nothing.

It’s unclear if even the repurchased 300 damage Black Spindle will be lowered to 290 whenever that patch hits.

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