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Afro Samurai 2: Volume 1 Out September 22nd


Afro Samurai 2: Volume 1 Out September 22nd

RZA in, Jackson out?

Despite selling well when it first released back in 2009, and being attached to some incredibly talented names, Afro Samurai ultimately seemed destined for obscurity. Though it was incredibly stylish and was visually gorgeous for its time, most seemed to agree that it was a fun little action game, but wasn’t terribly notable.

Still, it’s surprising, and somewhat uplifiting, to see that developer Redacted Games seems so devoted to keeping this franchise going, with Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1 releasing on September 22nd on PS4 and PC, publisher Versus Evil has announced. On PS4, you’ll get exclusive access to a bundle including all three volumes of the game for 20% off, or 30% if you’re a PS Plus member. The game will also release on Xbox One, but no date has been given on that platform. Having just announced the sequel last year, the quick turnaround time on this one is nice.

The developer seems so genuinely in love with this franchise, it’s hard not to feel optimistic about this sequel. Everyone involved appears to be inredibly passionate about this game, and is working in tandem with Takashi Okazaki, the creator of Afro Samurai, to create entirely original scenes for the game. RZA, the music director for the franchise, is once again producing the music here, and has mentored a bunch of indie hip hop artists who’ll be creating the game’s soundtrack. Considering the original game’s soundtrack was very well received, this can only be a good thing, and the song they’ve already put up for the game sounds great. RZA will also be playing a character called Bobby Digital, but nothing much was said about him.

No word on whether or not Afro will still be voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, but considering he’s not the main character in this sequel, and the publisher hasn’t said anything about him, it’s probably safe to assume he’s not involved.

Still, this looks like a fun sequel that might just realize the potential the first game came so close to capturing.

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