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Watch Dogs is Getting a Complete Edition, Still No Actual Dogs


Watch Dogs is Getting a Complete Edition, Still No Actual Dogs

And yet, the underscore is still in the title, so it’s not fully complete…

Ubisoft’s sandbox hackerfest Watch Dogs released last year to a response that could best be described with a weird noise from the back of your throat. Despite a stellar opening E3 reveal that left a lot of people wanting it in their face immediately, the finished product didn’t fully click with people, either because of the bugs, the weird stuff with the PC version, or the lead character Aiden Pierce being bor_ing. Whatever the case, Ubisoft’s decided to release Watch Dogs: Complete Edition. How complete is it? Not enough to get rid of the underscore, apparently. It’s also out with absolutely zero fanfare, not unlike the Prototype remaster, which is bizarre, given this is Ubisoft.

The Complete Edition comes with the base game, the season pass, a new game mode, and new weapons, outfits and missions. You also get Watch Dogs’ sole story DLC “Bad Blood”, where you play as the “legendary hacker” (I thought that was Aiden?) T-Bone. All of this will run you $50 on the Xbone and will be coming out tomorrow. The PS4 version doesn’t have a release date yet, and neither does a PC version as well, but we’ll let you know when it does.

You interested enough in Watch Dogs to buy the full edition? Let us know in the comments below.

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