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This Team Made an Incredible, Real-Life FPS and Had the Internet “Play” It Live


This Team Made an Incredible, Real-Life FPS and Had the Internet “Play” It Live

Who needs VR?

What happens when a group of friends, some locals, and a few production companies come together to play a real-life zombie FPS with the internet? Greatness.

Check out “Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version),” the ambitious project that created a live-action version of a first-person shooter, and then invited users on Omegle, Chatroulette, and Skype to play.

Users were introduced to their character in a dark room with only a zombie and a crowbar. From there, it was up to the player to guide the protagonist out the doors and through the incredibly realistic, undead world outside.

Players would come across a variety of video game tropes come to life, including loot stashes, quick-time events, a demon boss, and running out of ammo at the worst time possible.

Adding to the atmosphere was a soundboard of 40-50 effects, operated live to create every pop, bang, and tune. Also behind the scenes was a live HUD operator, displaying the character’s current weapon, health, and some classic screen splatter. The rest of the backstage team included the voice of the protagonist, and, of course, a person solely dedicated to skipping through indecent online users.

The team also released a behind the scenes video, detailing the process of creating the complex experiment.

Every piece of the set was specially created. Nerf guns were painted into reality, local townspeople were transformed into zombies, and a special adventure-crafting company, Red House Mysterious, was brought in to plot out the level.

When asked if they planned to do more levels, the production designer responded “That’s the plan, we really want to do a follow up and really amp it up even more so!”

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