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Someone Forgot to Use Spellcheck on the Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid V PS4 Console


Someone Forgot to Use Spellcheck on the Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid V PS4 Console

Remember kiddies, always press F7.

For those lucky gamers across the pond (e.g. in Europe and Oceania) who secured a pre-order for the limited edition Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PlayStation 4 console, don’t freak out. Breathe. It will all be okay. Sort of.

First discovered by eagle-eyed fans on Reddit and NeoGAF, a typo error on the special edition console has been made public. The PS4 is crafted in a sleek deep red to mimic the color scheme of Big Boss’ robotic arm. The console is also emblazoned with the insignia of the Diamond Dogs – the private military & gun-for-hire group started by the Big Boss in the 1980s. The PS4 is also inscribed with writing to give it the feel that it is a piece of military hardware. Verbatim, the text reads: “CAUTION. Fieldstripping Fastener. Do not use molybdeum lubrication.”

We understand that not everyone is a science major and maybe you don’t have the entire periodic table of elements memorized. I mean, let’s be honest, how many of us would really know by off chance that No. 42 on the periodic table of elements is spelled “molybdenum” as opposed to “molybdeum.” I think for us mere mortals that is an easy word to be tripped up by. However, considering how momentous the release of Metal Gear Solid V will be this Tuesday and the rave reviews it has been drawing so far, you would think that someone would double (or triple) check the prototype design before sending it off for mass production.

As far typos go, it could have been much worse. If Reddit or NeoGAF had not pointed it out, I would have assumed the spelling to have been correct in the first place. Furthermore, in case Konami and Sony intend to fix and release new copies of the console, your typo-ridden console may skyrocket in value and rarity. Maybe “ignorance is bliss” is the best way to go about this???

Did you preorder the limited edition PlayStation console? Are you excited for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain? Feel free to comment and share below!

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