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Galak-Z Guide: How to Survive Space as a Beginner


Galak-Z Guide: How to Survive Space as a Beginner

You’re the best damn pilot out there. You’re also the only one on your side.

Do Some Donuts Out in Space

Galak-Z throws players into the pilot uniform of A-Tak, a rookie fighter pilot who has found himself in a world of trouble after being ambushed by enemy forces. Now you must carry out missions all by your lonesome and make it back to base in one piece. Galak-Z offers players some really great maneuverability, but it takes a bit of getting used to. Jumping right into a dog-fight is a good way to get yourself killed and sent back to the beginning of whatever season you happen to be playing.

Each area of the game is completely open for you to fly around at your leisure. Use this to your advantage to practice flying around. Practice doing quick turns, breaking, boosting, and juking. Once comfortable, seek out a lone drone and practice the same moves within a fight situation. The sooner you get the hang of it the better, because you never know when you’re going to find yourself crossing paths with some not so nice space inhabitants.

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