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Dying Light: The Following Adds a 10 Hour Campaign


Dying Light: The Following Adds a 10 Hour Campaign

Kyle Crane was dying to get out of that city.

Techland’s zombie and parkour simulator Dying Light has been a success for the company, selling over 4 million copies since launching in January.

However, the story of Dying Light isn’t over yet. Techland has released a trailer for a large expansion to the game titled The Following. In this expansion, protagonist Kyle Crane ventures out of the city to meet cultists who may have information about the zombie outbreak.

The new map is as large as all of the game’s previous maps combined. Vehicles will be added to the game for the first time, including customizable dune buggies with their own skill trees. Techland producer Tymon Smektala stated at Gamescom that the campaign takes up to 10 hours to complete, or 20 for players who want to see everything.

Dying Light: The Following is included with the game’s $20 Season Pass, and can be purchased for $14.99 alone when it launches. See some of the new content in the reveal trailer below.

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