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Destiny’s Xur Is Selling Gjallarhorn This Weekend


Destiny’s Xur Is Selling Gjallarhorn This Weekend

OMG! It’s finally happening!

In an event that has been both highly anticipated and rumored to be a myth or a lie, Destiny’s Xur is finally selling the game’s most coveted weapon, the exotic rocket launcher: Gjallarhorn.

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s post. No, this isn’t some sort of cruel prank. No, you aren’t still dreaming. This is the real deal. Destiny’s Xur is actually selling the Gjallarhorn this weekend.

If you’re looking to buy this highly coveted item, you can find Xur at the tower in the hangar area right in front of the Jukebox downstairs. The weapon costs 17 strange coins which means that if you haven’t been saving up, it will be difficult to buy the Gjalllahorn this week. But it won’t be impossible.

The best way to obtain strange coins is through a weekly heroic strike. If you complete one of these at the hardest difficulty, you are guaranteed to receive 9 strange coins. Congrats. If you do this, you’re more than halfway there. The most guaranteed way to get the rest of the coins you need is to have another character. If you complete the weekly heroic mission a second time with a second character, you’ll have another 9 coins, bringing you to 18, which is actually one more than you need for the Gjallarhorn.

If you only have one character and either refuse to or don’t have the time to make a second one, you may be out of luck, but don’t give up yet. You also have a chance of receiving a package of strange coins from completing the weekly nightfall strike mission. If that doesn’t work, you could always just play other strike missions hoping to win them as random rewards. But that’s a big time time commitment and it’s still only a chance so be warned.

If you’re curious, Xur also happens to be selling An Insurmountable Skullfort, Achlyophage Symbiote, Light Beyond Nemesis, Exotic Shards, and Exotic Gauntlet Engrams. He’s also selling the usual heavy ammo, telemetries, motes, etc. But obviously, the real star of the show this week is the Gjallarhorn.

What do you think about this unprecedented sale? Is it awesome? Or are you annoyed that too many players will now have the game’s best exotic rocket launcher? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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