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Bye Bye, Dinklebot: Nolan North Jacks Peter Dinklage’s Role in Destiny


Bye Bye, Dinklebot: Nolan North Jacks Peter Dinklage’s Role in Destiny

Poor Dinklage.

When Destiny first came out last September, one of the complaints was lobbed at your little Ghost buddy. Whether it was the writing, the story, or Peter Dinklage’s delivery and tone, a lot of players just didn’t take to Tyrion Lannister’s calm, synthesized voice. Hell, he didn’t even speak for the last two expansions. For the upcoming Taken King expansion, he’s being replaced by famous voice actor Nolan North, mainly of Uncharted fame.

“I was really excited to do this role,” North said. “You want to give him as much personality as the world will allow, without making it unbelievable. There’s a fine line to walk there, and I think we found it.”

North will also be re-recording the dialogue from the original game, though there’s no word if Ghost will have newly added dialogue for the Dark Below and House of Wolves expansions bundled with Taken King. Basically, Dinklebot (or Tyrion Mechister, if you prefer that) has been effectively wiped from the records of Destiny. But he’ll never be wiped away from our hearts. *sniff* Voice in peace, Dinklebot. Voice in peace.

Destiny: The Taken King lights up consoles on September 15.

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