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Batman: Arkham Knight August Update Trailer Released


Batman: Arkham Knight August Update Trailer Released

Batman gets some new threads.

Released earlier this year in June, Batman: Arkham Knight was released to critical acclaim from both fans and critics. The final chapter in the Arkham series was a worthy send off for the Caped Crusader and we had a great time saving Gotham one last time.

Arkham Knight is bursting with things to do but if you’ve already done everything there is to do, then you’ll be happy to learn that more content is on its way this month. A new trailer has been released which shows off the 1989 Movie Batmobile pack which will allow players to wear the Batman costume from the 1989 Batman film and you’ll also be able to cruise around in the film’s Batmobile. The DLC pack will also get you access to two new racetracks inspired by Batman returns.

The trailer also features a little sneak peek at another upcoming DLC pack which will feature content from the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, including the Tumbler Batmobile.

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