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Street Fighter V’s Newest Challenger is Ken’s Hair… And Also Ken


Street Fighter V’s Newest Challenger is Ken’s Hair… And Also Ken

Stare at his hair too long and it might stare back.

Capcom revealed the newest challenger to grace Street Fighter V at San Diego Comic Con today, and it turns out its just Ken. Everybody go home, nothing to see here.

Actually, Ken is a little different. Sure he’s still up to his old fiery-hadouken tricks and what have you, but this time he’s got some sweet new duds and a completely new hairstyle. His outfit is a pretty cool looking red and black number, but man what is up with that hair?


Ken Masters, playing with fire since 1987.

No, really, what’s up with his hair? Ken has always been known for his lustrous golden locks, but now that he’s getting on in years his hairstyle is starting to look a little… out of control.

Ken you need to calm down.

Ken you need to calm down.

Forget M. Bison, Ken might be Street Fighter V‘s main antagonist. Just looking at his hair its clear he must be stopped.

Capcom was also kind enough to drop a full reveal trailer for our woefully behind-the-times martial artist, you can check that out right here:

Street Fighter V is a console exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and is set to release spring of next year. If you need your Street Fighter fix before that, however, you can get in on the game’s beta that’s set to begin soon.

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