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Sony Reveals Incredible PlayStation 4 Lifetime Sales Figures


Sony Reveals Incredible PlayStation 4 Lifetime Sales Figures

Sony be makin’ that dollar!

Today, Sony has released its financials for the first quarter of the 2015/2016 financial year, revealing that the PlayStation 4 is exceeding all sales expectations made by the company.

In the three month period ending June 30, the PlayStation 4 managed to sell 3 million units worldwide. This is up from the 2.7 million units sold in the same period last year. The total lifetime sales for the console now stands at a huge 25.3 million units. So let’s just put that figure into context. The PlayStation 4 has sold over 25 million units in less than 2 years, exceeding the PlayStation 2’s sales records.

The PlayStation 2 took 2 years and 8 months to hit 20 million units sold. Yep, the PlayStation 4 is absolutely flying off the shelves still, and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down at all. Following these figures, Sony has upped its expectation of units sold for this financial year from 16 million to 16.5 million. In comparison to the 14.8 million sold last year. You can probably put that down to the newly released 1tb Ultimate Player Edition PlayStation 4 that was released earlier this month.

The newly released 1tb model of the PlayStation is sure to bring in gamers who were uncertain about how long they could cope with just a 500gb hard drive when the PlayStation 4 requires some pretty hefty installs for some of its AAA titles.

1TB PlayStation 4 ultimate player edition

While Sony saw their smartphone and mid-range LCD television sales decline, the PlayStation sector of Sony’s business was hugely successful. The PlayStation arm raked in an operating income of $160 million from revenues of $2.365 billion. I think that will be enough to keep Sony afloat for a while, even if some of their other sectors are suffering a slow decline.

If Sony’s increased prediction for PlayStation 4 sales for this financial year turn out to be correct, we could be looking at a huge 38.8 million PlayStation 4’s being sold by 31 March, 2016.

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