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Overwatch Brings Soldier: 76 Into the Fold


Overwatch Brings Soldier: 76 Into the Fold

“We’re all soldiers now.”

Blizzard’s Overwatch has been steadily introducing the diverse cast of characters players will play over the past few months. Today, they’ve shown off another playable character, Soldier: 76.

According to his backstory, 76 is a supersoldier determined to expose the truth behind the collapse of Overwatch. Armed with a pulse rifle and rockets, he’ll stop at nothing to bring those responsible for the organization’s fall to justice. Think Adam Jensen, but without the goatee.

His special ability is his tactical visor, which allows him to lock onto enemies closest to him. If one leaves his field of view, it locks to the next target. He’s also equipped with a biotic field that will heal him and nearby allies and a sprint function to get in or out of combat.

You can watch Soldier: 76 in action in the video above, and the dude is pretty awesome. It’s a safe bet that he’ll be playable in the Overwatch beta later this year alongside other characters like Zarya and McCree, and Zenyatta. Already got a character to main in mind? Let us know in the comments below.

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