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Nissan Can’t Even with Their Cars in Driveclub


Nissan Can’t Even with Their Cars in Driveclub

Screens so real you can fool someone into thinking you actually own the car.

The PS4 racing exclusive Driveclub may not have had the smoothest of launches, which Sony and Evolution Studios will be the first to admit. Hell, they had to push back the free PS+ version because things were so bad . But one positive people had to say was that the game looked positively gorgeous. You could theoretically take a bunch of pictures and show them to a friend, and odds are that they’d be none the wise. In fact, that pretty much what did happen. Twitter user Captcook96 took some screenshots of Driveclub and uploaded them to Twitter while tagging the game’s account and the NissanUSA account.

Of course, Nissan was ecstatic to learn that someone took photos of a game that has their cars! Just don’t tell them the secret, let them have this, man.

Sadly, this guy had to go and ruin all the fun.

Still, the Nissan Twitter was gracious about the mistake. Who knows, maybe they’ll buy Driveclub now and use it for some of their stock photos! It’s in a much more stable position now than it was come day one, and there’s even some free stuff!

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