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Get Your Decks Ready, Hearthstone Is Getting a New Expansion and It’s Coming Soon


Get Your Decks Ready, Hearthstone Is Getting a New Expansion and It’s Coming Soon

Inspire your strategies with 132 new cards.

Hearthstone’s official website has revealed that August will see the release of a new expansion called the Grand Tournament which will add 132 new cards.

Seven cards have been revealed for this expansion so far, including a Pirate Orc riding a parrot into battle. Other cards include a 10 mana cost Frost Giant, which becomes cheaper every time you use your hero’s power, and a new Dragon card which will combo well with the Frost Giant as it allows you to use you Hero Power as often as you want.


The Grand Tournament will also add a new minion keyword called Inspire. Minions with Inspire will activate their abilities whenever you use your Hero power. These abilities can range from granting your minions +1 attack to allowing you to draw a random spell card.

Also introduced is a new Hearthstone board and players will be able to receive either a Grand Tournament card pack, a Goblins vs. Gnomes card pack, or a Classic card pack whenever they win a pack in the Arena.

To celebrate the upcoming release of the expansion, players will be able to pre-purchase 50 Grand Tournament packs for $49.99 starting next week. However, buyers won’t be able to open these packs until the release of the expansion.

Players looking forward to the new expansion can head over to the Grand Tournament website and vote for which cards should be revealed next.

The Hearthstone Grand Tournament will be released for the PC, Mac, iOS and Android this August. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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