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Grand Ages: Medieval Clashes on the PS4 This September


Grand Ages: Medieval Clashes on the PS4 This September

Wars coming to Europe but will you emerge victorious?

If you’re a PS4 owner worried about the lack of real-time strategy games on your console, then you’re in luck because Daniel Dumont from Gaming Minds Studio has announced that they will be releasing Grand Ages: Medieval for the PS4 in Europe on Sept 25 and in North America on Sept 29. Grand Ages: Medieval will be the first Grand Ages game on consoles and the console version will be a PS4 exclusive.

Taking place in the High Middle Ages, players will start off assuming the role as governor of a small European settlement. As the mayor of your settlement, you’ll have to start by expanding your trade routes and increasing your nation’s influence before you can turn your attention to Europe itself. With over 20 million km of European territory to take over, you will have to use a combination of warfare, political intrigue, trade, and research to beat the competition.


Grand Ages: Medieval will also include an eight-player multiplayer mode, which has an exclusive feature that allow players to set commands for when they want/need to step away for a bit. This will also be a useful feature for playing against other players in different time zones. Finally, Daniel Dumont also revealed that all of the games modes will run at 1080p.

Are you looking forward to attempting to take over Europe this Sept 29th? Let us know in the comments section below.

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