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Fight for the Other Side with World of Warcrafts Upcoming PvP Mercenary Mode


Fight for the Other Side with World of Warcrafts Upcoming PvP Mercenary Mode

Prepare to fight for the other side.

Blizzard recently announced on that they will be adding a new Mercenary Mode to unranked PvP matches in their famous MMO World of Warcraft. 

The new Mercenary Mode will be added in an upcoming patch and it will allow players whose factions are experiencing long waiting times to fight for the other side as a mercenary by talking to agents located in their bases at Ashran.

This option will only be available to players trying to get into Ashran or unrated Battleground matches, but as a mercenary players will still get the same rewards that they would get if they fought as a member of their own faction, with the exception of faction exclusive challenges. While playing as a member of the other faction, mercenaries will have their race changed to look like a member of that faction, but Blizzard didn’t comment on if this would also change their racial powers.


According to Blizzard, the goal behind Mercenary Mode is to allow players to play these matches without having to worry about long waiting times while also “maintaining the spirit of the core Alliance vs Horde fantasy.”

So what’s your opinion on the inclusion of Mercenary Mode to World of Warcraft’s PVP? Let us know in the comments below.

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