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Visual Effects Prodigies Produce an Epic Live Action Grand Theft Auto Fan Film


Visual Effects Prodigies Produce an Epic Live Action Grand Theft Auto Fan Film

Do not attempt in real life – Sam and Niko are licensed professionals.

The boys from Corridor Digital are back at it again! The visual effects geniuses,Sam and Niko, are credited and well-known on the Interwebs for bringing you epic video game themed fan films such as “Portal Trick Shots”, “Shadow of Mordor – LIVE Action”, “Team Snow Fortress” , and “Art of the Instakill.” Time and time again they have transported our favorite video games and franchises into film with overwhelmingly popular and mind-boggling results.

Today is no different as they have released a live action fan film titled “Real GTA.” It is a flawless recreation of the Grand Theft Auto games as any.

There are many things to love about this fan film. It shows an incredible attention to detail in order to emulate the feel and tone of the Grand Theft Auto games. There is the classic 80s soundtrack (a wonderful track called “Paradise Warfare” by Carpenter Brut) hearkening back to the days of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There are plenty of acts of pure debauchery from jacking bicycles and sports cars, to randomly punching out citizens & stealing the wads of cash that explode from their pockets, and accepting and engaging in quests that inevitably lead to shoot-outs. What is so ingenious about this video is that it is quite nuanced to replicating the game in every subtle degree from how the character walks and suddenly turns (as if the player who is “controlling” him had a sudden change of thought) to bringing in-game locations to life.

The Corridor Digital team also linked a lengthy behind the scenes video where they pull back the curtain to reveal how they used clever recording equipment & hacks involving a mounted gimbal rig, Go Pro cameras, a Boosted electric skateboard, and creativity & ingenuity to create fantastic shots that are so smooth you would think it could have only been done through drone cinematography.

While certainly not the first Grand Theft Auto fan film featured here, such as this Russian top-down film adaptation of Grand Theft Auto 2 filmed with drones, Corridor Digital’s fantastic adaptation has gone viral with over 2.3 million views & is deserving of the title of best GTA fan film ever. We congratulate the team on their well-deserved success and look forward to their future video game cinematography projects!

Did you enjoy Corridor Digital’s Grand Theft Auto live action video? What other videos that they have produced do you enjoy? Feel to free to visit their YouTube channel, and comment & share below!

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