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Splatoon Leak Reveals Future Weapons, Maps and Modes


Splatoon Leak Reveals Future Weapons, Maps and Modes

Spoilers for upcoming Splatoon updates.

Someone has data mined Splatoon and uncovered a ton of information about what’s on the way via future updates. As it turns out, Splatoon has 10 maps on the game’s disc and out of these 10 maps, the only two that still have to be released are called Camp and Skyscraper. There are also 33 unreleased weapons and some of them already have their complete descriptions.


Here is purported full list of weapons yet to be released courtesy of TDlink and Neogaf:

Sploosh-o-matic – Squid Beakons & Killer Wail
Neo Sploosh-o-matic – Point Sensor & Kraken
Neo Splash-o-matic – Burst Bombs & Inkzooka
N-ZAP ’89 – Sprinkler & Inkstrikes
Custom Dual Squelcher – Squid Beakon & Killer Wail
Luna Blaster – Ink Mines & Inkzooka
Luna Blaster Neo – Splat Bombs & Bomb Rush
Range Blaster – Splash Wall & Inkstrike
Custom Range Blaster – Splat Bombs & Kraken
Rapid Blaster Pro – Seekers & Inkzooka
Rapid Blaster Pro Deco – Disruptors & Killer Wail
L-3 Nozzlenose D – Burst Bombs & Kraken
H-3 Nozzlenose – Suction Bombs & Echolocator
H-3 Nozzlenose D – Point Sensor & Inkzooka
Carbon Roller – Burst Bombs & Inkzooka
Carbon Roller Deco – Seekers & Bomb Rush
Inkbrush Nouveau – Ink Mines & Bubbler
Octobrush – Squid Beakons & Kraken
Octobrush Nouveau – Splat Bombs & Inkzooka
Triple Bloblobber
E-liter 3K Scope
Custom E-liter 3K Scope
Bamboozler 14 Mk I
Bamboozler 14 Mk II

The data mining also revealed that Splatoon will be getting a ranked game mode as well as three new modes called Splat Zone, Tower Control and Rainmaker.


For the full leak list, visit the original Neogaf post. What do you think of the alleged updates? Excited or meh? Let us know in the comments!

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