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Sound Like a Comic Book Character with The New Destiny Sub-Classes


Sound Like a Comic Book Character with The New Destiny Sub-Classes

It’s all about class.

In Destiny, you have three classes to choose from: Hunter, Titan, and Warlock. They’re basically fancy names for the rogue, warrior, and mage classes that are normal in RPGs and MMOs. Then there’s two sub-classes a piece for each of them that have names even fancier: Hunters could become Bladedancers or Gunglingers, Warlocks could be Sunsingers or Voidwalkers, and Titans get dinky names like Defender and Striker. When Destiny’s newest expansionThe Taken King releases, it’ll bring three new sub-classes along for the ride. And honestly, they sound like something from a goddamn comic book.


Take, for example, the Nightstalker Hunter. This gives Hunters the Shadowshot, a bow and arrow blast that throws down a Void anchor which can slow down and suppress anyone caught in the blast area. Don’t get caught in that thing, or you’re boned. Nightstalkers will also get a Voidwall grenade that throws up a wall of burning light, which is perfect for PvP modes like Control. Void Hunters can also throw out smoke to disorient targets, and a Shadestep to evade targets. It is not, as one could reasonably expect, a way to get the drop on enemies and kill them by insulting them. Maybe next time.


The Sunbreaker Titan is describe as an “incendiary siege engine of war”. You could say that it’s too hot (hot damn!). Its Hammer of Sol super summons a flaming hammer that the Titan can use basically like you’re the spawn of Satan and Thor and use it to rain hell on enemy positions. Also going along with the whole fire motif is a thermite grenade that’ll burn enemies like a flamethrower, or a Sunstrike melee attack, for when you wanna get up close and personal. The Fire Keeper effect lets the Hammer last longer and provides an overshield while near something called a Sunspot. Exactly what a Sunspot is is something Bungie didn’t get into. So if you’ve ever wanted to pretend like you’re the Human Torch, this is the class for you.


Finally, there’s the Sith Lord Stormcaller Warlock. They can shoot lightning from their hands, effectively turning every Destiny player into Emperor Palpatine. Their Stormtrance supers summons the chain lightning in a wide arc around you, and their storm grenade will call down a localized lightning storm. Talk about lightning in a bottle. Thunderstrike’s melee hits targets at an extended range in a way that’s sure to frustrate anyone that isn’t a Stormcaller. Their Perpetual Charge ability allows them to recharge their grenade with a melee kill, and a grenade kill can recharge your melee. Awesome.

Destiny: The Taken King launches on the PlayStation and Xbox systems on September 15. Which of the new subclasses interests you? Tell us in the comments below.

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