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Skolas’s Revenge Gets Nerfed In New Patch – Destiny Hot Fix


Skolas’s Revenge Gets Nerfed In New Patch – Destiny Hot Fix

Bungie, you shall nerf when players complain, yessss?

Apparently, many guardians have been giving Bungie feedback that the Prison of Elders’ toughest challenge, the level 35 Skolas’s Revenge mission, is too difficult for the average player to complete.

As has become the standard, Bungie has taken this feedback seriously and is already rolling out changes in their new Destiny Hot Fix which Bungie says is slated for delivery sometime during E3. This information was delivered to the community via Bungie’s Weekly Update, which you are welcome to read in full. However, for the time-conscious, here are the need-to-knows directly from the post:

Twenty-two days ago, Variks invited the Guardians to test themselves in the Prison of Elders. In that time, 378,511 Fireteams have exacted their final victory over Skolas. Many others have tried and failed, and failed, and failed again – only to be sent topside, empty handed.
Everyone who has committed themselves to the fight has spent most of their time in the corners of his cell.
We want the Skolas encounter to be challenging and require teamwork, only in a more predictable way that doesn’t feel cheap. To accomplish this, we’re making the following changes to Round 6 of the Skolas Challenge:
  • New Modifier combinations (Arc, Void, and Solar Burn will be removed)
  • Boss health is reduced (to compensate for the lack of burn)
  • Minions will spawn at predictable health intervals
  • Minor adjustment to the unit makeup of the combatant waves
In summary: Skolas is about to get a shorter life sentence. To ensure that he’ll still have a fighting chance, there will be some more skulls for you to juggle. Your battle with the final boss changes next week.
So, if you’ve been having trouble with Skolas, then congratulations! Hopefully these changes will make enough of a difference to help you finally slay him. If not, you can still always try Dancing with Skolas In The Prison of Elders.
On the contrary, if you’re one of those players who thinks the game is way too easy, we’re sorry to disappoint you with this news. However, you can still play Skolas on the current difficulty over the weekend and up until reset on Tuesday. Take advantage of this if you wish because it will likely be your last chance to do so.
What do you think of Destiny Hot Fix Excited? Disappointed? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.
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