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Redeeming Codes on the PlayStation App Just Got Way Easier


Redeeming Codes on the PlayStation App Just Got Way Easier

The PlayStation App gets a sweet new update.

Today, Sony has released an update to the PlayStation App for Android and iOS which makes code redemption a heck of a lot easier.

For those who aren’t sure why this is a big deal, let me break the previous code redemption experience down for you. Once having loaded up the PlayStation App, the user would have to select the PlayStation Store option, resulting in the app opening the store web page in your browser. You’d then have to log into your account there and then redeem the code. It may not seem like much, but trying to redeem a code this way when you were out and about could become a bit of a nuisance.

Well now, according to the update notes, the update now allows “PlayStation Network Card numbers and promotion codes to be entered within the PlayStation App.” The update also adds a few different ways of redeeming the codes within the PlayStation App too. You can either enter it using the on-screen keyboard, or you can go to the future and scan the code in using your smart device’s camera. Oh and just to be clear, this means that general browsing of the PlayStation Store itself no longer requires the app navigating you to an external web page.

Sony has also attempted to further utilise the PlayStation App into the player experience for those who broadcast from their PlayStation 4. The update now allows comments that you receive while broadcasting from your PlayStation 4 to be displayed on the second screen. That sure provides us with more of a reason to use the PlayStation App other than checking which of our friends are online, and what trophies we still need to get in Minecraft.

The update is available to download free from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store now.

Will you be using the PlayStation App more now it has these new features? Let us know in the comments below.

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