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Relive Past Favorites as GameStop Starts Selling Retro Classics


Relive Past Favorites as GameStop Starts Selling Retro Classics

Everything old is new again!

Love them or hate them, GameStop is often the only choice many gamers have when looking for a physical retailer of video games in this day and age. Some cities may have hidden, hole-in-the-wall game shops that buy and sell video games of all age and variety, but GameStop will almost always have a greater selection of the latest and greatest titles on the market. The thing is, gamers don’t always want the latest and greatest. Sometimes they want to revisit the classics of their childhood, or have a go at games long past their prime to see how they hold up. Regardless of the reason, some people want to play old games, but the means to do so just aren’t there.

Or at least, the means to do so weren’t there, until now. After arguably the most dream-fulfilling and nostalgia-inspired E3 ever, GameStop has officially launched their Retro Classics line-up at many stores across the country. They are both accepting trade-ins of classic games and systems, as well as offering those titles brought in for purchase just like any other used game. The selection currently spans the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Genesis, Dreamcast, and PlayStation, which means no old school Game Boy games just yet.

Obviously, as they are limited in what they sell by what they receive, in-store stock will vary from place to place. However you can always hit up their online store and see what’s available. Some current highlights that stick out from each console are Paperboy and Final Fantasy on the NES, Super Mario Kart and Chrono Trigger on the SNES, Pokémon Snap and Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the N64, NBA Jam and Ecco the Dolphin on Genesis, Crazy Taxi and Shenmue on the Dreamcast, and Silent Hill and Legend of Dragoon on PlayStation. There are more than 50 different games available for each system in GameStop’s new-old inventory, so go give it a look-see and buy yourself a nice piece of history. Go on. You deserve it, probably.

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